About Us

About Us

ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.  is a marketing company established in March 2006. It is located at Units 301, 319 and 320 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, cor. Garnet & Sapphire Sts., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. In more than 6 years of operation, Alliance In Motion  Global, Inc. has established its presence strategically in different regions in the country. At present, it has 87 Business Centers and 94 Satellite Offices nationwide. Alliance In Motion Global Inc. is conceptualized to provide unmatched quality distribution of exceptional products and services through a combination of advanced technology, distinctive marketing strategies, excellent product lines and exemplary leadership that secures the success of the company. A pro-distributor concept that sets trend on distributors’ extravagant packages such as transferrable scholarships, free or discounted medical services, insurance package and world class quality products. As a “PRO-DISTRIBUTOR” marketing company, Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. is devoted to providing its distributors a brighter future. It gives paramount importance in helping them achieve their dreams. In line with this, the company has made a strong alliance with more than 300 schools, clinics and hospitals nationwide through its scholarship and medical programs providing distributors and their families affordable, quality education and medical services. Alliance In Motion Global, Inc., is Nature’s Way exclusive multi-level marketing company product distributor in the Philippines and other countries in the world. With its phenomenal sales contribution through its dynamic product line, the industry recognized and awarded its products with 7 achievement awards from entities engaged with product leadership and excellence in the country.

The company acknowledges the dedication and hard work of its distributors for having a sequence of remarkable sales. In return, Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. offers outstanding all expense paid travel incentives to its top distributors to further inspire them to excel in the world of multi-level marketing business.

At present, leaders and distributors travel around the country to promote a passion for life, service and prosperity by providing revolutionary products and services to help them achieve financial independence that will surely result to economic progress. And soon, Alliance In Motion Global Inc. will be recognized as a leader in providing quality products and services on a global scale.

OUR VISION: To provide unmatched quality distribution of outstanding products and services to local, regional and global markets.

OUR MISSION: To open the doors of opportunity and prosperity by empowering our distributors to achieve financial independence and economic stability by maximizing the wealth of the market thru our products and services.

OUR CORE VALUES: Our values provide as a breadth for our actions and describe how we perform in the world.

  • Leadership : The valor to shape a better future.
  • Integrity : Be genuine and reliable.
  • Excellence : To stand out and be known.
  • Passion : Committed in heart and mind.
  • Quality : Revolutionary and effective products to cater the world.



5.2.4. Uni-level Bonus

Under this system, a Distributor can have several levels or down lines. From the product sales of each of his or her down lines, he or she earns five percent (5%) of product points. However, a Distributor can only earn up to his tenth (10th) level. The special feature of this scheme is the Dynamic Compression. This mechanism ensures that qualified Distributors will earn bonuses on all 10 levels without breakage to the inactive or non-performing Distributors within the earning levels. If among the 10 levels, one (1) level is inactive, the latter will not be counted as a level. Instead, the eleventh (11th) level will take the place of the tenth (10th) level, and so on.

unilevel-diagram (1)


5.2.5. Stair Step Bonus The benefit of becoming an Executive Distributor is the percentage of income commission that he or she derives from the total sales volume of his or her down lines. POSITION REQUIREMENT BENEFIT Silver Executive (SE) Accumulation of 10 group re-order points 10% commission up to the 10th level Gold Executive (GE) Accumulation of 100 group re-order points 20% commission up to the 10th level Global Ambassador (GA) Accumulation of 1,000 group re-order points 30% commission from 1st level up to infinity



5.2.6. Royalty Bonus When a Global Ambassador’s down lines achieve the Global Ambassador rank, he/she gets an additional 2% percent of income from the total group sales volume of the Global Ambassador and Non-Global Ambassador down lines. The income is limited to five (5) Global Ambassador down lines referred to as the first to the fifth generation Global Ambassadors



5.2.7. Travel Incentives Each Distributor may be entitled to a trip to the United States of America upon meeting the following conditions:

President and CEO

Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, M.D. – The Visionary President

Ed_CabantogDr. Eduardo Cabantog is a graduate of Medicine from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, a pioneer, leader, and model institution of higher learning in the Philippines. After acquiring his license as a Medical Doctor and serving as a company physician in one of the well-known local medical and clinical services provider for a couple of years. He practiced his medical expertise in some of the most reputable hospitals in the Philippines. He ventured into the networking business and joined other networking companies before instituting Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. in 2006. His remarkable success in his new found career and having survived difficult challenges molded a great leader and survivor fit to lead a fast growing company in a world of multi-level marketing business where the competition is very stiff.

Vice President for Marketing 

Mr. Raymond “John” Asperin – Mr. Excitement

John_AsperinMr. Asperin was a graduating student when he started to venture into networking business because of his being adventurous and a young adult full of ambition and determination. He never lets a single opportunity slip away from his hands. He also believes that the future depends on the decisions we make today because life is not a matter of “chance”, but it is a matter of “choice”. He is known as “Mr. Excitement” because of his jolly spirit and inventiveness in promoting the company and its products. His creativity and effective ideas are the characteristics that make him unique in many ways. Mr. Asperin is indeed an achiever in the networking business and he travels around the country to share his history of success to better equip our distributors in pursuing their networking career.

Vice President for Finance 

Engr. Francis Miguel – Mentor of All Mentors

Francis_MiguelA Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering graduate of Adamson University. He was hired by the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines right after graduating in college. He earned respect in the industry after creating millionaires that have become icons in the world of multi-level marketing business. He is one of the pioneer networker that has mentored some of the famous personalities in the industry. He is fondly called as the “mentor of all mentors”. He has made alliance with all these icons and together they established a fast growing networking company in the Philippines today, the Alliance In Motion Global, Inc

MS. GLADIOLA “GLADYS” A. ROMAN – Finance Manager

Gladis_RomanGladys is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Accounting at University of Sto. Tomas, the oldest university in the Philippines. On March 1990, she received her license to practice as a Certified Public Accountant. She was a former Internal Auditor and Trainer of an international organization. She worked as the Planning & Budget Officer and Accounting Manager in a well-known international RTW brand. She has broad knowledge and experience in her accounting career. Ms. Roman also has a relative exposure in the networking business prior to her employment as the Finance Manager of Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. Accounting and networking wise, she is undoubtedly capable of handling all the finance concerns of our company.

MR. ARNEL D. LIMPIN – Training  Director

Arnel_Limpin (1)Arnel is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Adamson University in Manila. He has held vital positions in a five star hotel for many years. He tried his luck in the networking business in 1998 as an independent distributor and Senior Manager of a well-known multi-level marketing company for 7 years. He has attended two Professional Enhancement Seminars in Vancouver, British Colombia in 2001 and San Francisco, California in 2002. He was able to create 30 active Managers under his organization. He is a President’s Club Member, Car Incentive qualifier, and US Travel qualifier for five consecutive years. On 2006, he became a Training Director of another famous networking company in the Philippines for a year until he set his foot in Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. in 2007. His broad experience in conducting training seminars and teaching our distributors the principles of networking contributes in the company’s fast and enormous marketing coverage.

MR. ERNESTO “JUN” P. ESPINOSA, JR.  – Marketing Officer

Jun_EspinosaJun is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Management at the National College of Business and Arts. He worked as a Store Operations Manager in Fast Food restaurants in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; in a local Entertainment group; and in a local telecom company. For his career advancement, Mr. Espinosa has attended various trainings and seminars wherein his outstanding performance was recognized. In 2003, he ventured into the networking business. He joined as an independent distributor and eventually became a Manager and Sales Trainer. He also qualified in the President’s Club, Car Incentive, and Travel Incentives. His broad experience and excellence in the retail and networking industry has made him an icon in the world of multi-level marketing business.

America’s leader in herbal medicine. If you’ve heard of Nature’s Way, or better yet, used our products, it’s not surprising. We have been America’s leader in herbal medicine for over 40 years. As the pre-eminent provider of health and healing through the power of nature, our commitment to quality reflects our commitment to you. In fact, it’s woven into the very story of our founding.

A family crisis and an herbal renaissance. Nature’s Way originated from a circumstance we can all understand-a family’s desperate need to overcome a personal health crisis. Back in the late 1960s, Tom Murdock, the founder of what is now Nature’s Way, needed a solution to help his gravely ill wife. After trying conventional medicine without success, Tom and his wife turned to the traditional Native American knowledge of “medicinal plants” growing in the Arizona desert. As a result, she recovered and lived an additional 25 years. Tom Murdock’s pioneering spirit did more than save a life-it led to the renaissance of herbal medicine in America. As word spread about his wife’s recovery, Tom set out to find other healthy treasures growing in the Arizona desert. By 1969, Tom and his family had eight new herbal remedies to share with others and thus began the legacy of Nature’s Way. While it may seem hard to believe now, for many years herbal knowledge was a lost art in a country fueled by conventional, and often invasive, medical approaches. The founding of Nature’s Way reopened a door that had long been closed. Motivated by a passion to spread the power of natural healing, Tom and his family moved back home to the beautiful mountain valleys of Utah and almost single-handedly spurred the growth of what could be called the “Silicon Valley of Herbal Supplements.” An industry pioneer in many ways. When you’ve been pioneering natural health for over 40 years, you develop an impressive list of “firsts” among major dietary supplement companies. Many of these innovations initiated by Nature’s Way have shaped how America thinks about natural medicine. Here are just a few:

  • We have a state-of-the-art, pharmaceutically licensed, industry-recognized GMP manufacturing facility, and invested in it well before it became more common to do so.
  • We were the first major supplement company to be certified as an organic food processor, an important distinction as we focus on being caretakers of our resources, as well as natural medicine providers.
  • We were the first to bring clinically proven, European phytomedicines to the U.S. market that had long been recognized as effective, but were new to many in this country.
  • We fund major third-party organizations to responsibly disseminate trustworthy health information and ensure quality in the field at large.
  • We believe that health freedoms aren’t something to take for granted. As such, we champion and fund legislative efforts to guard our health.

It’s more than a business. We believe in giving back Nature’s Way is grateful for our business success and we express it through a tradition of giving back. A few examples include:

  • Founding donor groups to protect the world’s rainforests, where the world’s next great herbal medicines may be discovered.
  • Donating vitamins to the poor in developing nations, where daily nutrients are in short supply.
  • Supporting self-reliance programs for the homeless to address physical needs and the dignity of each individual.
  • Contributing to research to find a cure for breast cancer and other diseases.

Nature’s Way Today. Today, our manufacturing capacities have expanded and we’re able to bring even more good things to you. As one of the most technologically advanced supplement manufacturers in the United States, we continue to push the boundaries forward on quality research, testing and introducing new ingredients. We offer over 500 earnonline nutritional and natural products, including single herbs and herbal extracts, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals and specialty products. After all, innovation, seeking the best in nature, and bringing “the world’s best” to the marketplace is our goal. Like our founder Tom Murdock, we’re still pioneering. There are many discoveries yet to be made in this amazing world. They may happen in a rainforest, a savannah, or like they did over 40 years ago, in a desert. When they are discovered, we’ll bring them to you. That’s why you can Trust the Leaf. We mean it. We take it seriously. We strive to produce the very best and have worked hard to build trusting relationships with our retailers and with you. We know that millions of people rely on Nature’s Way products to enhance their health. We consider it a legacy of our history and a pledge to the future. That’s why you can turn to us again and again and “Trust the Leaf.”


Alliance In Motion Global prides itself on selling the world’s finest nutritional products and offering a unique business opportunity. But from the very beginning, one of the company’s important goals has been to support communities in need and be a “force for good” in the world. As a company, we focus our charitable efforts in three areas- the street kids and abandoned children, the elderly and the calamity stricken areas. We invite you to join forces with us to make a difference in peoples’ lives. No matter how small, your effort and contributions are important. Together, we can accomplish great things and give the gift that truly matters-the gift of compassion and caring.

Our charitable arm is ALIVE Foundation. We believe that Together, We can make a Difference!

Alliance In Motion Global, Inc.  is an active corporation in the Philippines. With all the success and recognition that the company has acquired for the past years, Alliance In Motion Global gives back to the communities in which we do business.  We are devoted in bringing hope and happiness to the orphans, street children and senior citizens, and respond to the needs of our fellow Filipinos in times of disasters and natural calamities.

Children are the unwitting victims of poverty, war and disease. An overwhelming number have been abandoned, abused or orphaned and now live on the streets. Our children are the future of our country. So, we must take care of our children and mold them to be the strong foundation of the future generation.  Missionaries of Charity Sisters of Mother Therese Home of Love , a home for the orphans and street kids located in Antipolo City, Rizal is a non-government organization that gives shelter to the homeless and hopeless children who are left to wander the streets. Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. has been helping these orphans through its Feeding Program, distribution of toys, clothes and other important donations.

In September 2008, Alliance In Motion Global responded to the victims of Super Typhoon Frank in Iloilo that destroyed the livelihood and properties in the community.  The team flew at once to give donations and relief goods to more than 500 families affected by the calamity.

Last September 9, 2009, we celebrated the Grandparents’ Day in a home for the aged in Marikina together with over 250 senior citizens. Most of them have been neglected already by their own families. With the program and gifts that we have given them, we are very proud to say that even with those simple things, we brought joy to their hearts and even for a moment they felt that they are not totally forgotten by the community.


images (34 schools1 schools2 schools3 schools4 schools5 schools6 schools7 schools8 schools10 schools12 schools13 schools14 schools15 schools16 schools17 schools18 schools19 schools20 schools21 schools22





The rules and procedures embodied in this document are being implemented to regulate sales and marketing operations as well as prevent improper, illegal or abusive acts within the company. These policies shall govern the relationship between the Distributor and ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. and such other matters related to these policies. Every Distributor is expected to be knowledgeable of the following rules and abide by the same to ensure his or her success as well as that of the company.



In all contractual agreements you sign with ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. and ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. published literature, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings: “Applicant” – A person who is interested to become an ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributor.

“Alliance Success Achievement Program (ASAP)” – This is an advance training on the importance of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) in relation to the business of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. and basic skills in doing the business.“Business Center” – The venue where the Business Center Owner conducts seminars, trainings and direct selling of products in a specific area. “Business Center Owner (BCO)” – The only official and authorized Distributor who can operate a Business Center outside of the Head Office of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. No two BCOs are allowed to operate in the same area. “Commercial Website” – www.allianceinmotion.com is the official website of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. “Commission Points” – Points used in computing Uni-level and Stair Step commission. “Cross-lining” – This is the Distributors’ act of transferring from one Distributors’ organization to another. This is strictly prohibited.“Downline” – He/She is the sponsored distributor who eventually formed part of the network of the sponsor or upline, either directly sponsored by the latter or not. “Direct Down line” – He/She is the one directly invited by a sponsor to avail of the Global Package and become an independent distributor. “Distributorship” – The authorization by ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. to become a distributor. “Distributor Application Form (DAF)” – When a person desires to become a distributor of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. he/she must sign the Distributor Application Form, which contains the terms and conditions of the company. If a person registers as a distributor online or via the company website, an applicant is considered to have read, understood and agreed to the policies of the company. “Distributors Price (DP)” – The price of products set for registered distributors of Alliance in Motion Inc. “Distributors Tracking Center (DTC)” – This is commonly known as the “Distributors’ Website”. This is where a distributor can view and manage his / her account reflecting the personal information, genealogy, income and encashment. The DTC is accessed by clicking on the “Member’s Login” link in the commercial website of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. “Executive Distributor” – Any distributor who has qualified as such according to the marketing plan of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. It includes Silver Executive (SE), Gold Executive (GE) and Global Ambassador (GA). “Flush Out” – The safety measure in the Matched Sales/Binary System, wherein a distributor/sponsor will only be paid for a maximum of sixteen (16) pairs/matched sales per day or eight (8) pairs per cycle. This mechanism is followed to balance the methods of earning through recruiting new distributors and direct sales of products. See Marketing Plan for more details. “Global Package (GP)” – Commonly known also as the BUSINESS KIT or the start up sales kit for a New Distributor, containing 5 Blister Packs (BP) C24/7, folder presentation kit, scholarship discount certificate, insurance certificate, distributor application form (DAF), ATM and I.D. application forms, product brochures and a DVD of the product and marketing plan presentation. “Group” – A Distributor may have two (2) groups when he starts his network under one account; the Left Group and the Right Group. For each group, the Distributor may have as many down lines as he or she can manage. “Live streaming” – The Opportunity Plan Presentation (OPP) may be viewed via live streaming on this website: www.justin.tv/allianceinmotionglobal. Permission for access must be obtained from management. “Network” – This consists of the Distributors’ organization/s or groups, which include the entirety of the Distributors’ down lines. “New Distributor Orientation (NDO)” – This is a seminar on how and why to do the business. “Opportunity Plan Presentation (OPP)” – This is the marketing plan presentation discussing the Global Package, benefits, products and compensation plan. “Position Points” – Points used in computing current position as Silver Executive (SE), Gold Executive (GE) or Global Ambassador (GA). “Sponsor” – A distributor who introduces and registers a person to ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC., who eventually becomes a distributor by virtue of the company’s acceptance of the Distributor Application. Sponsors are commonly known as “Direct Uplines”. A sponsor is responsible for training and supporting his down lines in the conduct of business. “Suggested Retail Price (SRP)” – The selling price set for consumers. “Technical Training” – Training on the terms & conditions and code of conduct of the company, how to manage the distributors tracking center (DTC), how to encode recruits’ information and how to manage flush out.“Transferable Scholarship Certificate” – Certificate of Discount on tuition fees for each school affiliated to ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. (see website for list of affiliated schools). The discount may vary depending on each Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). School discount certificates must have the dry seal of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. duly signed by an authorized officer and in good condition to be considered valid. This is transferable and may thus be given to anyone you know.



Any person of at least eighteen (18) years old, a corporation, partnership or legal entity may apply and become an ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributor. An applicant who wishes to become a Distributor must be capable of entering into a contract in accordance with the laws of the Philippines and must comply with all legal requirements for conducting business in the Philippines.


1.2.1. To become an ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributor, an applicant must purchase of the Global Package amounting to Php 7,980 or Php 1,980 for Quick Start.

1.2.2. The applicant must then sign the Distributor Application Form found in the Global Package or register on the Distributors’ website.

1.2.3. An applicant shall read the Terms and Conditions of the company, indicated in the ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributor Application form (DAF) and Distributor website and agree to abide by all their provisions.

1.2.4. The accomplished DAF and online registration form shall signify the Distributor’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of the company, which shall serve as the contract between the Distributor and ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.

1.2.5. The ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributor Application Form (DAF) must be submitted immediately upon completion to any of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Business Centers. The authorization is effective upon submission of the DAF or upon registration onto the Distributor website.

1.2.6. The placing of order for products with ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. is a reaffirmation of such commitment to abide by the company policies.


1.3.1. As an ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributor, he/she/it can now engage in the direct selling of all ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. products and shall be entitled to corresponding commissions, rebates, discounts and privileges given by the company.

1.3.2. Resigned or terminated Distributors, however, are no longer entitled to avail of the aforementioned commissions and benefits.

1.3.3. The rights and privileges that come with the Registration Card / Identification Card issued by the company cannot be transferred to another person.


Distributors shall remain loyal to the company and its policies and are not allowed to join any other Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies directly competing with ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. while they are an active member in the latter.



Only one individual may apply for a Distributorship and sign the Distributor Application Form.


2.2.1. A husband and wife may become individual distributors following the procedure above, PROVIDED, they register under THE SAME GROUP. This means that either the husband or wife becomes the upline or down line of the other spouse.

2.2.2. In the event that the spouses previously registered under different networks/groups, either spouse must choose in which group he/she wishes to belong, PROVIDED, the transferring spouse does not have any down lines. The transferring spouse will be given a period of thirty (30) days from notice to choose his/her group of preference, after which period management shall exercise its discretion on the transfer. The spouse required to transfer shall not be permitted to have any down lines pending such transfer.

2.2.3. The transfer contemplated in the previous section shall be accomplished by purchasing another Global Package from a sponsor in the group to which the concerned spouse shall transfer. The transferring spouse may sell his/her account/s acquired under the previous group with the written approval of management.

2.2.4. From the effectivity of this policy, spouses shall not be permitted to register under sponsors from different groups. Spouses found guilty of circumventing this policy shall not be allowed to have any down lines and any credited down lines shall be forfeited and credited to the nearest upline of the guilty spouse. Management may also impose appropriate sanctions for violation of this provision, which may include suspension or termination of accounts.

2.3. PARTNERSHIPS, CORPORATIONS AND OTHER LEGAL ENTITIES A duly registered Partnership, Corporation or other legal entity may become an authorized Distributor. Such Distributorship may be approved by ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. on a case-to-case basis. The legal entity must submit a certification of authorization of its duly authorized representative to ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. and such other documents as the management may require.

2.4. RELATIONSHIP AND REPRESENTATION ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. members are considered “Independent Distributors” and as such, there shall be no employer-employee relationship between them and ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. shall not be responsible for any misrepresentation made by its Distributors. No Distributor possesses the authority to bind ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. to any obligation.

2.5. ON PROXY DISTRIBUTORSHIP A Distributorship, and any resulting group, created or operated by proxy, whether intentionally or inadvertently, is not allowed and shall be adjusted for compliance with company policies.

2.6. MULTIPLE HEADS/SLOTS ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributors shall be allowed to purchase only up to a maximum of seven (7) heads/slots registered under his/her name.

2.7. ON RE-SELLING OF ACCOUNTS/HEADS/SLOTS With the exception of Section 2.2.3 on Husband and Wife Transfers, re-selling of accounts/heads/slots of a Distributor to any individual is strictly NOT ALLOWED whether he or she belongs to the same group, cross line, upline, down line, relative or otherwise.

2.8. PROHIBITION ON BONUS BUYING The following acts constitute bonus buying and are strictly prohibited:

a. Registration of individuals without the knowledge of and/or execution of an Independent Distributor Application Form by such individual;

b. The fraudulent registration of an individual as a Distributor (i.e. without purchasing the Global Package);

c. The registration or attempted registration of non-existent individuals as Distributors to qualify for bonus or commissions;

d. Any other ways or mechanisms by which strategic purchases are made to maximize commissions or bonuses when a Distributor does not have a bona fide use for the products purchased.

2.9. PROHIBITION ON BUY-INS Buy-In is the purchase of products in excess of immediate sales needs. Such act is not permitted and will lead to the termination of the Distributors’ account.

To discourage any Distributor from bonus buying and buy-ins, the company reserves the right to pay or not to pay any bonus or commission to the Distributor and uplines who benefited from such transactions. Distributors who took part in the bonus buying and/or buy-in will be dealt with severely, which may include termination and/or legal action for damages.


The Distributor is responsible for keeping the information in his accounts accurate. ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. reserves the right to take disciplinary action, which may include the termination of the account, in the event that the company determines that false or inaccurate information was given.

2.10.1. INACTIVE ACCOUNT An account is considered inactive when there has been no personal product purchase, personal sponsoring nor income encashment for a period of six (6) months. Inactive accounts will automatically be deactivated temporarily in the DTC.

2.10.2. ON TRANSFERRING OF ACCOUNT / SUCCESSION Upon the death of the Distributor, his/her account/s are transferable only to the latter’s immediate family (father, mother, brothers, sisters and children).

Upon written request and approval by ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC., a Distributor may voluntarily pass on to his/her successor all rights including rights to income and marketing position, together with Distributorship responsibilities and obligations. The Company reserves the right to approve such voluntary transfers only on the basis of highly meritorious reasons.


2.11.1. Except for authorized change of sponsorship, it is against company policy for any distributor to change sponsors. Unauthorized transfers are considered as acts of cross-lining and are strictly prohibited. ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. will only consider the first valid registration and any subsequent applications or registrations will not be allowed.

2.11.2. It is strictly prohibited to engage in any activity that involves the soliciting of any Distributor to transfer/move to a different group by making offers such as, but not limited to, free slots, marketing support, financial support, etc.

2.11.3. Should a Distributor wish to transfer from or change his or her sponsor, the following conditions must be strictly met: a. He/She must be inactive for at least six (6) months; b. He/She must submit a resignation letter to ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. with intent to transfer sponsorship. Any existing down line of the transferring Distributor will automatically roll up to the former sponsor and cannot be transferred to the next sponsor. c. The resignation letter with intent to transfer must be approved by ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. within 60 days.

2.11.4. Only complaints from active distributors affected by the transfers stated above shall be entertained by management.

2.12. INDEMNITY AGREEMENT All Distributors agree to assure ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.’s officers, agents and directors that the latter be held harmless against any claim, demand, liability, loss, cost or expense, including but not limited to legal fees, that may arise concerning the Distributor or the Distributor’s business.


2.13.1. Authorization to Use Personal information of the Distributor The Distributor authorizes ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. to: a) Transfer and disclose personal and/or confidential information, which: i. Was provided to the Company in connection with the distributorship and the resulting group, or ii. Has been developed as a result of the Distributor’s activities as such To: i. Its parent and affiliated companies wherever located; ii. Applicable government agencies or regulatory bodies if required by law. iii. The distributor’s upline or sponsor when the Company determines it is appropriate. However, the Distributor will have the option to block the transfer of certain information that may be provided to the upline Distributors. b) Use personal information for Distributor recognition and the Company’s literature (such as testimonials, etc.) unless the Distributor requests in writing that the Company not do so; c) Any other disclosure, apart from the above will not be permitted.

2.13.2. Non-disclosure of Confidential Information from the CompanyALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. provides its Distributors the necessary information for the sole purpose of furthering the company’s business such as, but not limited to the sale of company products, and the sponsoring and training of applicants and down lines in the conduct of business. However, access to said information is conditioned upon the Distributors’ commitment of non-disclosure and confidentiality. During any term of the Distributor, and for a period of four (4) years after termination of the Distributorship, you will not, for any reason, disclose the following information on your behalf, or on behalf of another: a) Any confidential information obtained during your Distributorship was in effect, related to or contained in the network to any third party directly or indirectly; b) Any password or access codes of the company to any third party directly or indirectly. The obligations of this section shall survive the termination of your account.

2.14. TERMINATION OF DISTRIBUTORSHIP A Distributor’s authorization is for life, unless terminated voluntarily or involuntarily.

2.14.1. Voluntary Termination A Distributor is considered to have voluntarily terminated his distributorship upon receipt by the ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Head Office of his/her written notice of resignation. He/She is thereafter disallowed to register under another network for a period of six (6) months.

2.14.2. Involuntary Termination ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. reserves the right to terminate the account of any Distributor who violates the terms and conditions in the Distributor Application Form, ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. policies and procedures, or for other just cause. Involuntary termination is effective when the Distributor receives actual notice of the termination.

2.15. DUE OBSERVANCE OF COMPANY POLICIES To preserve the integrity of the company’s business, Distributors must observe the company’s rules, regulations and Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards. Violation of these rules will mean automatic deactivation, suspension or termination of account, depending on the offense. After the deactivation of an account, the Distributor will be given two (2) months to clarify the issues pertaining to the deactivation by reporting to the management in person. Non-compliance will lead to the permanent deactivation of the account.


3.1. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SPONSOR Sponsors are responsible for their direct down lines in ensuring that they are properly trained with respect to ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.’s products, policies and procedures, marketing plan and sound business practices. Such responsibility includes:

a) TRAINING by making sure that the down line attends all the required trainings and seminars of the company;

b) COMMUNICATING to entertain the down line’s inquiries and advising them regarding the proper steps/strategies to take;

c) UPDATING by informing the down line regarding new policies and developments in the company.

3.2. EXCLUSIVE TERRITORIES The Distributor may extend his or her sponsoring activities to any country where ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. exists and to other territories as may be approved by the management.


CODE NO. 1: LOYALTY TO THE COMPANY All members shall at all times, remain loyal to the company and its policies being issued from time to time. They must not commit acts, which include but are not limited to:

a) Joining, representing, associating, sponsoring, recruiting, conspiring in any mode or form for the benefit or advantage of companies, business groups, partnership or individual, directly competing with ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. either locally or abroad;

b) Introducing, presenting, selling, promoting, nor offering in any manner their products, services, businesses, marketing programs and plans or a combination thereof, whether tangible or intangible.

Note: If the Distributor/s was confirmed to have joined another MLM company, 2nd offense penalty will automatically apply.

CODE NO. 2: PROTECTION OF COMPANY REPUTATION In consideration of the benefits and privileges given by the Company, all members must not make nor encourage written or oral remarks or statements, which tend to discredit and disrepute the company, its centers or any of its service branches and its officers, agents or representatives.

CODE NO. 3: HONESTY IN ALL DEALINGS All members are strictly enjoined to be professionals in all acts and bearings, dealings or transactions. They must not make any false statements, such as, but not limited to misrepresentation, exaggeration, disinformation, vain promises, introducing fake or spurious products or services, or circumventing the marketing plans or programs of the company.

CODE NO. 4: HONESTY AMONG FELLOW MEMBERS All members are strictly enjoined to be honest and credible in all their deeds by not committing acts against the company or fellow members, which are but not limited to:

a) Imitating or counterfeiting any handwriting, or signature;

b) Causing it to appear that a member has participated in any act or activity when he/she did not in fact so participate;

c) Alluding or pointing to members who have participated in any act, activity or statements other than those made by them;

d) Inserting false statements in a narration of facts such as those in the affidavit, deed and other documents similar thereto;

e) Changing true dates;

f) Modifying a genuine document, which alters or changes its meaning;

g) Issuing in an authenticated form a document purporting to be a copy of an original document when no such original actually exists;

CODE NO. 5: HUMILITY AND RESPECT TOWARDS MEMBERS OF THE COMPANY All members are strictly enjoined to observe humility and respect towards fellow members, officers and employees of the company, by not committing directly or indirectly any acts, which are but not limited to rudeness, disrespect and discourtesy.

1st Offense – One (1) month deactivation of all the accounts with the forfeiture in favor of the company of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or any kind, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.

2nd Offense – Six (6) months deactivation of all the accounts with the forfeiture in favor of the company of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or any kind, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.

3rd Offense – Perpetual deactivation of all the accounts, which carries with it the forfeiture of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or any kind in favor of the company, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.

CODE NO. 6: FAIRNESS TOWARDS FELLOW MEMBERS All members are strictly enjoined to have a sense of equality and sincerity toward fellow members by not interfering with the sponsoring activities of their fellow members to the latter’s prejudice. While it is generally the discretion of the recruit under whose sponsorship he/she will register, members are strictly prohibited from influencing other members’ recruits to register under sponsors apart from the ones who invited them. However, after six (6) months from the time a recruit is introduced to ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. and no registration has been accomplished by the original sponsor, another Distributor may sponsor him or her.

CODE NO. 7: DECENCY, GOOD MORALS AND BEHAVIOR All members are strictly enjoined to observe decency and good behavior by not committing any immoral act or conduct, which tends to debase company policies and good morals within the company premises, its centers or service branches. Members are strictly prohibited from influencing, obstructing or inducing the spouses’ choice to transfer from one group to another or to circumvent the policy regarding such transfer. (See Section 2.2 on Husband and Wife Distributorship)

1st Offense – Perpetual deactivation of all the accounts, which carries with it the forfeiture of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or any kind in favor of the company, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.

CODE NO. 8: NON-TOLERANCE OF FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES All members are strictly enjoined not to commit any fraudulent act or false pretenses directly or indirectly, to the prejudice of the company or fellow member by not committing acts, which are but not limited to:

a. For internal control of the company:

i. Using fictitious name, or dummy, or by other deceitful means purportedly to obtain personal gain and interest;

ii. Issuing a check to a fellow member or to the company when he/she/it has no funds or are insufficient to cover the amount of the check;

iii. Incurring obligation to a fellow member or to the company and evading the performance thereof;

iv. Non-issuance of the COMPLETE SET OF REGISTRATION PACKAGE and/or NOT ENCODING the New Distributor;

v. Soliciting large sums of money from persons who purport to be investors;

vi. Cross-Lining or Transferring/Sponsoring from other groups, except as authorized by the Company;

vii. Openly or discreetly giving gifts to management and staff to gain personal favors.

b. For Selling of Products:

i. By altering the quality, fineness or weight of any product pertaining to the business of the company;

ii. ONE PRICE POLICY: Selling of Global Package, C24/7, COMPLETE-PE, ALIVE and other ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. products below the standard retail price set by the company.

1st Offense – Perpetual deactivation of all the accounts, which carries with it the forfeiture of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or any kind in favor of the company, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.

4.1. PENALTY FOR VIOLATION OF SECTION 4: CODE OF CONDUCT AND ETHICAL STANDARDS The Company imposes the following penalties for violation of Section 4, unless otherwise indicated in the prior provisions:

1st Offense – Six (6) months deactivation of all the accounts with the forfeiture in favor of the company of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or any kind, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.

2nd Offense – Perpetual deactivation of all the accounts, which carries with it the forfeiture of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or in kind in favor of the company, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.



The hybrid Marketing Plan of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. is a combination of Binary, Uni-level and Stair Step plan. The business consists of direct selling of products and the sharing of the business plan to prospective clients. A person desiring to enter into the business of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. has to purchase a Global Package for P7,980 or P1,980 for the Quick Start Package.


ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. gives its Distributors six (6) simultaneous ways to earn as follows:


i. Must have two (2) positional points from personal re-order maintenance per month or 24 positional points for the whole year;

ii. Complete product re-orders only; GC not included as maintenance.


Must be promoted to Silver Executive (SE) rank before December 31.


i. Must be promoted to Gold Executive Rank before December 31;

ii. Had at least 100 pairs for the whole year;

iii. Must have a monthly personal re-order maintenance of 0.3334 positional points (GC not included);

iv. Must have at least 30 positional points (group product re-order quarterly).

5.3. PAYMENT SCHEDULE Distributors may claim payment of their reflected income from BDO according to the following schedule: 1. Daily payout through ATM – cutoff every 5:00 A.M; release or deposit to ATM on the same day by 7:00 P.M. 2. Weekly payout by Check – cutoff every Friday; release on Wednesday of the following week. 3. Uni-level and Stair Step (ATM) – cutoff is by the end of the current month of production; release on every 15th of the following month.

5.4. PROMOS All promos are non-convertible to cash and are non-transferable.

5.5. TAXATION Distributors shall not be treated as employees, franchisees, joint ventures or partners with regard to taxation laws, rules, ordinances or regulations. They shall observe natural provincial and local status and regulations relating to business operation. They shall be responsible for their own managerial decisions and expenditures, including estimated income tax and self-employment taxes. All Distributors are responsible for paying income taxes due from discounts earned as an ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributor. All income presented in the Marketing Plan constitutes gross income and is exclusive of tax. Ten percent (10%) of the gross commission of each Distributor is deducted by ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. as withholding tax by the end of each tax year. The Distributor may request for a copy of the 2307 form from the finance department. The total deduction per encashment consists of the 10% withholding tax plus P50 processing fee.

5.6. ON RE-INVENTING THE MARKETING SCHEME The business of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. is NOT an INVESTMENT SCHEME wherein, it will be presented to people who will be called as INVESTORS and in return get a huge percentage as interest while doing nothing upon placing a huge sum of money as their INVESTMENT. Any individual or group who will present, join, promote or has a connection with said scheme in any way, directly or indirectly, will be dealt with severely, which may include termination and/or legal action for damages. The company will NOT be held liable if a distributor/s joins the said unauthorized investment even if he/she does not know the policy. Each distributor/individual is expected to take ordinary caution if he/she is being asked to pay more than the approved P7,980 Global Package.


6.1. PRODUCT MAINTENANCE It is a product purchase of any combination or product gift certificate (GC) that will have an equivalent point value of .3334 in order to obtain the UNI-LEVEL income of 5% on commission points up to the 10th level. Maintenance of any current month should be done one (1) month prior and the income will be released every 15th of the following month.

6.2. NEW PRODUCT POLICY For ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributors to earn rebates on a new product, they must buy the new product on the month of its release. This is on top of their personal monthly maintenance. But on the following month, the Distributors will return to their original personal monthly maintenance. This is to ensure that all active distributors are the first to try the product before selling to their retail customers.

6.3. DIRECT SALES ONLY All ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. products shall NOT be sold in any retail stores such as Pharmacies, Drug Stores, PX Shops, Grocery Stores, Supermarkets and the like as these will directly compete with the Business Center Office (BCO) and satellite offices nationwide. Since the company is practicing a daily, weekly and monthly pay-out structure, the company only allots ten (10) days for product returns and buy backs.


7.1. The Buy Back Rule is designed to protect the interest of all ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. stakeholders (customers, distributors, business center owners & company) with a balanced approach and a win-win refund & buy back policy. The following conditions must be complied with before any refund or buy back is done:

1. The products are still in good condition and still saleable;

2. The product codes are not yet encoded;

3. Products are still eight (8) months before the expiry date;

4. Products are without traces of leak, pinholes, discoloration or fading of the packaging materials;

5. Supported by proof of purchase from distributor or company;

6. The distributorship is being terminated due to company policy violation or voluntary termination;

7. Products being returned will be checked to see if the product was subjected to heat or if it contains signs of discoloration;

8. There should be no sign or pattern of repetitive product refund and buy back for the same distributor or sponsor;

9. Buy back and refund will be subject to computation to determine the loss in cost of money and taxes paid;

10. Request for buy back and refund should be in writing ten (10) days before the actual buy back and refund transaction is to be made.


8.1. ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. will exchange products only if the returned products are defective or of substandard quality and are not yet encoded. The following procedure shall be applied to effect a product exchange:

1. The Consumer must request an exchange in writing within ten (10) days immediately following the product purchase together with the original receipt;

2. Upon inspection, the returned products will be replaced with undamaged products or a full refund from the distributor who sold the products to the consumer;

3. The Distributor shall be solely responsible for this process of product return and exchange;

4. The Distributor must request an exchange in writing within ten (10 days) immediately following the receipt of the returned product from the Consumer.

5. The Company will provide a new and similar product to the Distributor.


9.1. ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. shall buy back from the Distributor any unsold and saleable products, which are still eight (8) months from expiry and are not yet encoded, except:

1) products that have been opened and consumed,

2) products that ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. no longer carries or

3) products that have a different packaging though still eight (8) months from expiry date and not yet encoded. The procedure below should be followed:

1. The Distributor must request in writing a return of products with attached proof of purchase such as the original receipt from ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.;

2. The Company will inspect the products if it is still saleable and in good condition and will check the accuracy of the submitted original receipt;

3. The Company shall give a refund less the cost of money and taxes.


10.1. ON PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS The ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. name, logos, trademarks and copyrights are exclusively owned by ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. As such, distributors agree not to use any written, printed, recorded or any other material in advertising, promoting or describing the products or Marketing Plan of the company in any manner, which has not been approved by management before being disseminated, published or displayed. The use or production of any promotional materials created by a Distributor, which has no prior written approval from ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. management is strictly prohibited. No Distributor shall make claims as to the products’ therapeutic or curative properties, except as provided in the official ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. literature. No Distributor shall use print, radio or television advertising, except with the written approval of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. In cases where the media may contact an ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributor regarding ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.’s officers, products or procedures, the Distributor shall refer them to the ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Customer Service Department.

10.2. WEBSITES The creation of websites for the promotion of a Distributor’s business is not prohibited. However, the company strictly prohibits the creation of websites, which purport to be the official website of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Any other website apart from the commercial website of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC., created for the promotion of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.’s products or business must always contain a disclaimer at the bottom of every web page that it is not the official website of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.

Failure to comply with this requirement, whether intentional or unintentional, will result in the termination of membership and/or legal action for damages.

10.3. FAIRS AND TRADE SHOWS Distributors can join fairs and trade shows to promote ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. products on the condition that they are not displayed together with any other products sold through multi-level marketing.


11.1. BUSINESS CENTER PROGRAM ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. gives its Distributors the opportunity to own a Business Center (BC), which will supply products and conduct trainings and seminars in the area of their choice.

11.2. BUSINESS CENTER OPERATOR (BCO) The BCO maintains the status of an independent affiliate of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. They are given extra privileges, commensurate for the extra responsibilities that are placed upon them.

As an independent affiliate, a BCO cannot represent ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. on a legal capacity. Instead, they represent themselves and the company that they may set-up for the purpose of serving as Business Center Operator for ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.

The BCO handles delicate and confidential information, transacts finances, reports and inventory. The Business Center Operator must support the total livelihood program envisioned by ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. as well as every other objective of the company.

11.3. DURATION OF RIGHT TO OPERATE AS BCO A Business Center Operator is given the BCO rights for a period of one (1) year. The management shall review the BCO’s performance based on sales, customer service, and compliance with the terms and conditions of the BCO Memorandum of Agreement. Performance evaluation is conducted on an annual basis. The BCO agreement is renewed annually for the first five (5) years from commencement. Management will thereafter consider renewing the BCO agreement for a period of more than one (1) year depending on the performance of the BCO.

11.4. QUALIFICATIONS FOR A BCO Any Distributor of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. who possesses the following requisites may be a Business Center Operator:

1. For natural persons:

a. Unquestionable integrity;

b. Must have prior or current experience as a businessman;

c. Must not be currently involved with any network or Direct Selling business other than ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.;

d. At least three (3) months of distributorship with at least forty (40) down lines;

e. Silver Executive distributor with seven (7) ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. accounts and monthly earnings of at least P 30,000.00;

f. At least 20 to 55 years old.

2. For legal entity:

a. All the requisites for natural persons, except 1.b and 1.f; b. Submission of Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Partnership, by-laws and board resolution appointing an official representative to transact with ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.


11.5.1. BCO Profile For the BCO profile, a BCO applicant is required to submit the following:

1. Completely filled up application form;

2. Two (2) pieces 2×2 ID picture;


4. Registration form with complete information;

5. Letter of intent;

6. Recommendation letter from the direct upline and upline leader;

7. Sketch of Business Center location;

8. Photos of proposed center;

9. Structure of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. account (print genealogy);

10. Lay out of proposed center. NOTE: Applicants must submit the above-mentioned requirements to the ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Head Office for evaluation in person or by mail, addressed to Ms. Lizeth Bagtas. Qualified applicants will be scheduled for interview. Please compile all documents and neatly fasten them in a short brown folder. Incomplete data and requirements will not be processed.

Upon approval of the BCO rights application, you will be notified to deposit the initial capital of P500,000 in any of the company’s bank accounts.

11.5.2. Accessibility The Business Center Office must be located within the business or commercial district of the city or municipality. It cannot be located in a home garage or similar facilities that may degrade the entrepreneurial nature of the business.

11.5.3. Office Space

1. Signage – A standard signage of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. shall be installed in the business center;

2. Floor space – Must be at least 50 square meters;

3. Cleanliness – Must be well lighted, well ventilated (or air-conditioned) and free from rodents or other pests and pets;

4. Partitions – Must have a training area, a stockroom and a selling area. All of these may be located within one (1) room for as long as there are partitions to segregate the three (3) main areas:

a. Training Area – seating capacity of at least 50 persons. Must have a white board (at least 3′x6′), chairs, tables, LCD projector is ideal, microphone and speaker;

b. Selling Area – a product display cabinet must be installed properly and there must be a secured cash cabinet;

c. Stockroom – room temperature must not exceed 30°Celcius to avoid product spoilage.

11.5.4. Communication

1. Telephone line or Cellular phone (necessary)

2. Fax machine (recommended)

3. Computer with internet connection (required)

4. Scanner (required)

Note: To ensure compliance with the above requirements, photographs of the newly established center must be submitted within the first three (3) months of the BCO operation.

11.5.5. Manpower A business center requires at least two (2) facilitators:

1. Officer-in-charge (OIC) – to function also as local marketing officer, cashier, and trainer.

2. Stockman – to function also as maintenance person and messenger.

11.5.6. Capitalization P500,000.00 is the minimum capital investment required to start a business center.


11.6.1. Immediate Financial Benefits

1. Outright income – A Business Center has an outright income for every product sold to distributors and consumers. Please refer to APPENDIX 9 for illustration.

2. Rebates – The company expresses its gratitude by giving the BCO a permanent incentive called Purchase Rebates. A BCO with P350,000.00 monthly gross sales and with at least 30% product re-order from the total gross sales will qualify to claim the purchase rebates, which can either be converted into re-order products with equivalent codes or collected through check payment.

3. Satellite overriding commission – A BCO will earn commission from the registered satellite in its area, which buys directly from the BCO Head Office.

11.6.2. Immediate Product Inventory Please refer to APPENDIX 10 for the product breakdown of BCO initial inventory.

11.6.3. Long-Term Financial Benefit Normally, the success of a Business Center rests on having a strong network development within the area. This gives the BCO long-term financial benefits.

11.6.4. Network Leadership and Livelihood Development A good Business Center Operator develops strong network leadership. A strong leadership creates many builders and retailers within his jurisdiction. A continuous flow of livelihood is then generated within the locality. This does not only help the Business Center Operator but his “Kababayan” as well.


12.1. CONTRACT CHANGES The company reserves the right to make any modifications to the Contract upon 30 days notice by publication and normal channels of communication. You agree that after 30 days, such changes shall be deemed effective and incorporated in the Contract between you and ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Continuing to act as a Distributor and accepting any bonus or benefit after the modifications shall have become effective are express acts of acceptance of the new Contract terms.

12.2. WAIVERS AND EXCEPTIONS The Company reserves the right to make waivers and exceptions to the application of these Policies, provided it is expressly stated in writing. Any prior waiver or exception made as such shall not operate as a waiver of subsequent or additional breach nor as an exception for any other person. Any delay of the company to impose the sanctions set forth in these Policies shall not constitute a waiver of the company’s right to demand exact compliance with its rules and regulations, nor shall any custom or practice at variance with these rules obstruct this right.

12.3. GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION The laws of the Philippines shall govern the resolution of any dispute arising from the enforcement of these provisions. The Court having jurisdiction over ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.’s Head Office shall be the exclusive venue for all legal actions concerning ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.

12.4. SEVERABILITY Any provision of the agreement between ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. and its Distributors, embodied in this document or otherwise, which has been judicially invalidated or otherwise rendered unenforceable shall not invalidate nor render unenforceable any other provision in the agreement.

5.2.1. Retailing

Distributors can earn by simple retail sales of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Products. Distributors have a lifetime twenty five percent 25% discount on all products. This is called the Distributor Price (DP). They may then sell the products at a higher price, which should not be below the Suggested Retail Price (SRP), pursuant to the One Price Policy.

5.2.2. Direct Sponsoring

For every new person that a Distributor sponsors, he/she earns P500 and 1,200 Product Points.

5.2.3. Matched Sales Bonus

This is also known as the Binary System. Upon becoming a Distributor, the latter can form two (2) groups under his account, the Left Group and the Right Group. For each group, there can be several levels. To earn from this system, each level from the Left Group and each level from the Right Group must have a total of 1,200 points, which then reflects 2,400 points when combined. A Distributor immediately earns a Matched Sales Bonus of P 1,500 for every 2,400 combined group points. Every 5th Matched Sale (pair) entitles the Distributor to a Gift Cheque (GC) for products instead of cash to maintain product sales. For this system, it is important for the company to maintain a balance in both recruiting new Distributors and selling its products. A Distributor is not allowed to simply pull numerous recruits into the business and earn solely on the basis of the number of people he or she sponsors. This is why ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. utilizes the “Flush-out” system. The “flush-out” system works by allowing only sixteen (16) matched sales per day, divided eight (8) matched sales for two (2) time intervals or cycles.

16 Matched Sales per Day = (8 Matched Sales per Cycle) x (2 cycles per day)

1st Cycle : 12:00 am – 11:59am

2nd Cycle : 12:00pm – 11:59pm

A Distributor is not allowed to credit more than eight (8) matched sales for each cycle. Entering a ninth (9th) match within the same cycle will result to a “flush-out” of all the points accrued from the ninth (9th) match and he/she then goes back to zero points. However, the eight (8) matched sales will not be affected and will be converted to income immediately.


    1. Must be a GLOBAL AMBASSADOR during the qualifying period;


    1. Candidates for GE and SE must be 18 YRS OLD and ABOVE and must be ACTIVE DISTRIBUTORS. Dummy and Proxy Distributors are NOT ALLOWED;




    1. Existing Distributors or same names cannot be used for GE and SE Candidates. GE and SE must be NEW DISTRIBUTORS during the qualifying period;


    1. RESPONSORED DISTRIBUTORS cannot be candidates for GE and SE;


    1. TWO PERSONAL POINTS (COMPLETE Only) maintenance must be STRICTLY FOLLOWED EVERY MONTH from JANUARY to DECEMBER. Failure to do so automatically means forfeiture of Profit Sharing;


    1. GE Candidate must maintain at least 2 COMPLETE or 0.3334 PERSONAL POINTS for a period of 3 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS.


    1. Must abide by all Company Policies. Any violation of the policies and procedures as stated in the Company Policy manual is tantamount to forfeiture of the Profit Sharing and US Travel Incentive.


    1. Group or downlines of the GE and SE Candidates must meet with the BOARD OF DIRECTORS or TRAINING TEAM on or before October of the qualifying period. This is to show that the said groups are physically active.


  1. Newly joined distributor during the qualifying period may qualify only until July 2013. As such, any deficit in the monthly maintenance should be spread equally on the remaining months until December 2013.
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BENGUET – Baguio City RAFAEL GAYASO 09088867270 09209517971 (074)3003659 (074)4442733 NORLU CEDEC 108 Bokawkan Road, Cresencia Village, Baguio City, Benguet
BOHOL – Carmen LETECIA RANIS 09088872058 09106994478 Poblacion, Carmen, Bohol
BOHOL – Tagbilaran City ANITA TARE 09088867298 09176237980 09176348127 0910-311-8606 (038)5015671 (038)5018806 No. 27 – B Tabaco St., Tagbilaran Bohol
BUKIDNON – Valencia MAILEN D. ESTORE 0919-273-3296 0939-125-9630 A. Bonifacio St. Poblacion Valencia City Bukidnon (near Little Child Learning Ctr.)
BUKIDNON – MALAYBALAY ANA VICTORIA DY 09177060409 Magsaysay St. corner Cudal St. Malaybalay Bukidnon
BULACAN – Baliwag LIBERTY DE VILLA 09088871886 09275742364 09053577664 09229476106 (044)7611374 F. Rustia St., Brgy. Tibag Baliwag Bulacan
BULACAN – Malolos HELEN VILVESTRE 0922-8923097 0918-985-9148 (044)305-0527 2nd Floor, Feliza Jazz Bldg., McArthur Highway, Malolos, Bulacan (Beside Malolos Maternity Hospital)
BULACAN – Meycauayan AGRIPINA S. PIÑGOL 09088871863 09157075856 09195623455 09334005098 (044)721-0287 Mac Arthur Hi-way Calvario Meycauayan City Bulacan (besides LBC & Western Union)
CAGAYAN VALLEY – Lallo MARGIE SABANDAL 0917-546-7347 #34 Nat’l Hi-way, Centro, Lallo, Cagayan(North)
CAGAYAN VALLEY – Tuguegarao City RICHARD CABAUATAN 09088867464 09163872624 (078)8440732 No. 53 Vergel De Dios BLG. Gomez St., Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley
CAMARINES NORTE – Daet ATTY. SIM MATA JR. 09084784287 09159724896 09273781420 3rd Floor Lacson bldg., Governor Paqnotes Avenue, Daet Camarines Norte
CAMARINES SUR – Naga City ROSE PEREA 09088872411 09216342473 09175015045 052.481.9416 052.480.3900 #257 DoÑa Cecilia Village,Maroroy,Daraga (Locsin) Albay,Region 5
CAMARINES SUR – IRIGA ROSE PEREA 09175015045 3rd Floor Galleria De San Francisco Penafrancia Avenue, Naga City, Camarines Sur
CAMIGUIN ISLAND – Mambajao JANICE MONTENEGRO 09088866169 09177217218 09177076259 0883871277 Bonita Merchandizing, Plaridel St., Mambajao, Camiguin Island
CAPIZ – Roxas City MARIA LEAH DESLATE 09175470928 0366218777 Corner Burgos and Zamora St., Roxas City, Capiz
CAVITE – Dasmarinas NANCY G. PAPANGO 0917-526-2292 (046)4321483 2nd Floor CM Plaza Building Dasmariñas Cavite
CAVITE – Imus VICKY M. BADE 09088866385 09177465413 . 09231737540 (046)5720597 (046)4890819 #2 Bautista cor., Inocencio st., Phase 3A, Bahayang Pag-asa Subdivision, Imus, Cavite
CAVITE – General Trias GEMMA G. PASIMIO 09088866955 09212713857 09152252251 (046)8875054 3/F Mini Stop Bldg., Brokeside Lane, San Francisco, General Trias Cavite
CAVITE – Indang ROSEMARIE GALEA 09088872798 0926677529 09277813698 09179894636 (046)8621612 8505774 A. Mabini St., Poblacion 3, Indang, Cavite
CAVITE – Rosario LOUDELINE PANALIGAN 0906-951-9259 Gabriela, Union square, Gate 1, Epza, Tejero, Rosario Cavite
CEBU CITY – BRANCH AIM GLOBAL INC., 0908-886-6093 0932-211-1919 (032)268-7145 UNIT 306 – 307 A 3RD Floor Keppel Center Samar Loop, corner Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000
CEBU – Bogo City SERIO ABONALES 0908-887-2617 0910-784-2198 0910-414-6601 (032)4347950 Tupas, Mansueto St. Bogo City, Cebu
CEBU – Carcar MARS MANDAL 09061815823 09227333018 Valladolid, Carcar City, Cebu
CEBU – CARMEN LILIBETH MANULAT 09176255164 09322719368 Poblacion,Carmen,Cebu
CEBU – Liloan BRANDO CUIZON 0942-469-8558 0927-281-2771 0917-490-4271 (032)424-3798 Pagutlan, Bagong Da’an, Yati, Liloan (Formerly known as BCO Consolacion)
CEBU – Mactan JOSELYN L. LERIO 09088866362 09155003842 09228439234 (032)505-2047 (032)236-5634 2nd floor KimaGlass, fronting Meco, Sangy, Pajo, Lapulapu City, Cebu
CEBU – Talisay VIRGILIO G. MENDOZA 09088866284 09228411771 09235999657 (032)2720619 (032)4917667 Z-2 753 Sangi Tabunok Talisay City
CEBU – Toledo CONCORDIA IMO 09088872108 09063246052 09279017746 (032)3225420 (032)3225090 Sangi, Toledo City, Cebu
COTABATO – KIDAPAWAN RICARDO SALANGSANG 09214071724 09163475038 (064)2885852 3/F Centerpoint Mktg.. Bldg., National Highway Kidapawan City North Cotabato
DAVAO CITY – BRANCH AIM GLOBAL INC., 09088866092 0922-8675673 09178358598 (082)2211233 Suite 046, 4th Floor Pryce Tower, Pryce Business Park, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City
DAGUPAN CELDA ASPERIN 09189622012 093228730765 075.653.05510 De Venecia Road, Dagupan City ( Near Plato raps)
DAVAO DEL NORTE – Panabo City ALBRYN “BANG” CATALAN 0939-922-6713 2/F RJ Travellers Dine Bldg, beside Old Mandarin Tea Garden, – Panabo City
DAVAO DEL NORTE – Tagum City CHARLES GALAGALA 09088851809 09228541809 09088867348 084-2160395 2nd Floor E.A.R Bldg. Arellano St., Tagum City, Davao Del Norte
DAVAO DEL SUR – Digos CLAIRE HERMOSILLA 09088866232 09102765275 09331892407 (082)3330245 Tan Bldg. Del Pilar corner Biac na Bato Street Zone 3 Digos City, Davao Del Sur
DAVAO DEL SUR – TORIL GILBERTO S. SARONA JR. 09426278025 National Highway, Toril, Davao City
GENERAL SANTOS CITY HASTLE GORRERO 09232889355 09094425830 5521501 Jaicon Bldg. 3rd/f Magsaysay Avenue Corner Saging St. General Santos City
ILOCOS SUR – VIGAN RUSHEL A. CADELIÑA 09293493571 Bantay Arcade,Rizal Aven.Brgy.6 Metro Vigan Ilocos Sur
ILOILO – Iloilo City TERESITA CASTILLON 0999 883 5359 0921 587 4794 0919 467 5121 0908 863 2900 3011561 Beside Imperial Plaza of Grand Tower Hotel Iznart St., Iloilo City
ISABELA – Cauayan City ARIEL LIOAD 0927-234-1502 0906-897-2086 Burgos St. Corner Dalupang St. District 02 Cauayan City Isabela
ISABELA – Santiago City RESTY PILLOS 0917-897-5603 0917-897-5607 0906-604-5340 Ala Moana Commercial Complex, No. 56 Maharlika Highway, Villasis, Santiago City
LA UNION – San Fernando NENITA TANGONAN 0905-433-1772 2/F ZSA Bldg. Pagdalagan Norte, Mocha Blends Building, San Fernando, La Union
LAOAG – Laoag City MA. CLEOFE ALOG 09088872461 09175013690 6070799 No. 60 Andres Castro St., Laoag City
LAGUNA – Binan REYNALDO RAMOS 09178990262 09228281462 09088867067 (049) 4114308 206 Miranda Plaza, Old National Highway, Brgy. San Vicente, Biñan, Laguna
LAGUNA – Calamba City ANALYN DADIOS 09285515900 Andenson Bldg. II, Brgy. Parian, Calamba City, Laguna (near BPI Parian)
LAGUNA – STA. ROSA APOLONIO P. SULIGAN 09088872634 09178068809 09178726478 09178723740 (049)8378659 Carvajal Bldg I, 2nd Floor Unit 3 National Highway, Balibago, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
LAGUNA – STA. CRUZ GUADALUPE R. PUA 0917 540 8225 0933 246 4505 0928 415 8332 1661 C. Taleon St., Poblacion IV Sta. Cruz Laguna
LANAO DEL SUR – Iligan City MARIONITO HINACAY 09053183038 Unit 204B, 210 Diocesan Centrum, Lluch St., Iligan City, Lanao Del Sur
LEYTE – Bato ROMA SANFUEGO 0921-599-2853 0939-905-8209 JP Rizal St. Brgy. Iniguihan Bato, Leyte
LEYTE – Tacloban City ROMA SANFUEGO 09082199350 09087050320 2nd Floor of Uyping Bldg. Justice Romualdez St. Tacloban City, Leyte
MASBATE – Cawayan JESTONI A. DELA CRUZ 09282633088 Poblacion, Cawayan, Masbate
MASBATE – Masbate City MA. SOLEDAD YBANEZ 09287413163 Quezon St., Masbate City, Masbate
Metro Manila – ALABANG RYAN ELY OLARVE 09999943899 5513413 NMC Bldg., National Road, Bayanan, Muntinlupa City (near Amber Machine Shop)
METRO MANILA – Binondo LAFRIDO CHOO 09209268462 09157060397 09189040040 09228806808 2453277 4975368 576 Padre Herrera, Tondo, Manila
METRO MANILA – Las Pinas City AURORA SIBUG 09292498435 8011826 3rd Floor MGSC Bldg., Almanza 1, Alabang Zapote Road, Las Pinas City
METRO MANILA – Novaliches CLARINDA HILALI 09088866126 09399070621 09175099669 5464702 9353180 Block 5, Lot 4, North Olympusm Zabarte Road, Novaliches, Quezon City (beside Andoks)
Metro Manila – PARAÑAQUE JENICKA DELOESTE 09052751188 Block 5, Lot 4, North Olympusm Zabarte Road, Novaliches, Quezon City (beside Andoks)
METRO MANILA – Taguig MELDA ERESE 09285027541 664-9365 514-1453 Lot 40, Blk 52, Phase II, Pinagsama Village, C-5, Taguig City
Metro Manila – VALENZUELA ARGEN PUNTANAR 09177247116 09229554027 09228387687 0442949075 2nd Floor Unit 6A-407 2nd Floor Moiria’s Bldg., Mc Arthur Highway Malinta Valenzuela City (infront of San Isidro Labrador Church)
MISAMIS OCCIDENTAL – Ozamis City LILIA T. VICENTE 09193417919 09496184442 09339536864 KRT Bldg., beside Ceragem fronting Kia Motors, Don Anselmo Bernad Avenue, Ozamis City, Misamis Occidental
MISAMIS ORIENTAL – Cagayan De Oro City BRYAN FRENCE CABANES 0933-977-4923 0888521994 2nd Floor, Door 7 South Bank Plaza Velez, Yacapin St., Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental
NEGROS OCCIDENTAL – Bacolod City MA. THERESA TABOUN 09392001606 09275996422 09328480996 0344355055 0347088251 2nd Flr. Adham’s Cafe and Cuisine, Metrodome Araneta St. Bacolod City
Negros Occidental – CADIZ CITY CARMELITA G. BERNARDINO 09283342898 2nd Floor Producers Bank Cabahug Street. Zone 4 Cadiz City, Negros Occidental
NEGROS OCCIDENTAL – KABANKALAN ERLINDA DELA PAZ 0908-577-6484 0999-883-5234 Unit 8, Sta. Ana Arcade, Guanzon St. Kabankalan City Negros Occidental
NEGROS ORIENTAL – Dumaguete City MAXIMO LOS BANOS SR. 0910-249-9649 0926-621-1692 0922-720-9587 0354225486 2nd Floor Cordel Building, Pinili St., Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Negros Occidental – SILAY CITY RICHEL Q. YUTIS 09209890166 Door 08,Montenola Bldg. Bonifacio St., Silay
NUEVA ECIJA – Bongabon ELVIRA BUMANLAG 09088872033 09324375756 Brgy. Sampalucan, Bongabon, Nueva Ecija
NUEVA ECIJA – Cabanatuan City LEA PASCUAL WONG 09998835508 09228781004 09175669674 (044)6000720 Mabini St., Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija (fronting PJG Hospital)
NUEVA ECIJA – Gapan RAMON P. ALBURO 09088878131 0919-576-6401 09489082441 09478827888 San Nicolas 1, Gapan City
NUEVA ECIJA – San Jose REMEDIOS BABASORO 09228514893 2/F Angelo’s Machine Shop, ARB Building, Maharlika Highway, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija 3121
NUEVA VIZCAYA – Bambang LOLITA OSIAS 09274527101 697-7991 Suite 201,Lubong Bldg.National Hiway Bambang,Nueva Vizcaya
NUEVA VIZCAYA – Bayombong JOSEPHINE DOMINGO 0915-838-8424 0915-549-1622 Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
OCCIDENTAL MINDORO – San Jose City IMELDA REGUYAL 09209817356 0434911636 264 2nd Floor, Juan Luna St., San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
ORIENTAL MINDORO – Calapan NORY PEDROZO 09088872785 09291846162 2nd Floor Infantado Bldg., Rizal St., Corner Leuterio St., Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
Oriental Mindoro – MARINDUQUE ERWIN M. LABAY 09293706545 09228313369 Damian Reyes St. Brgy. San Miguel Boac Marinduque
Oriental Mindoro – SOCORRO DR.GEE M. HELERA 09228297542 09182975425 Poblacion, Socorro, Oriental Mindoro
ORIENTAL MINDORO – Victoria FELIXBERTA CANILLO 09174222323 09333461354 Nautical Highway, Poblacion I, Victoria, Oriental Mindoro
PALAWAN – Puerto Prinsesa City MOSTIOLA SAN JUAN 09487700073 09192897773 09397911267 048-433.0165 No.39 National Highway, San Miguel, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
PAMPANGA – Angeles City ANTONIO MONTOYA 09175521523 2nd Floor Del Rosario Commercial Bldg., Sto. Rosario St., Angeles City, Pampanga
PANGASINAN – Dagupan CELDA ASPERIN 09189622012 09328730765 0756535510 De Venecia Road, Dagupan City, Pangasinan (near Plato Wraps)
PANGASINAN – Urdaneta City LEA ESPELITA 09994105194 09212945824 3rd Floor EF Square bldg., Nancayasan, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan
QUEZON – Gumaca ERLINDA MORALES 09228569163 (042)317-45-32 KamsaKamsa Restaurant, Brgy. Buensuceso, Gumaca, Quezon
QUEZON – Lucena City DR. MERNALENE CACHERO 09178426212 09155794548 09175118465 0423736707 Arena Bldg., #38 Grandja St., Lucena City, Quezon
RIZAL – Cainta RODILYN MADRIGAL 09193097777 No. 9 Bonifacio Ave., Cainta Rizal (near Junction)
SAMAR-CATBALOGAN JOCELYN ESPINOSA 09399262619 160 Del Rosario St. Ubanon District Catbalogan City,Western Samar
SOUTH COTABATO – Marbel MICHELLE VILLAMOR 0923-569-9022 083-2883805 MCM Villamor Bldg., General Santos Drive, Marbel, Koronadal, South Cotabato
South Cotabato – Sto. Niño CHARLYN BRIÑOSA 09154924846 Rano Building, Sto. Niño, Banga-Isulan Rd Socsargen, South Cotabato
SURIGAO DEL NORTE – Surigao City MARY GRACE YU 09176266878 R & E Laurenti Bldg., Rizal St., corner Gonzales St., Surigao City, Surigao Del Norte
SURIGAO DEL SUR – TANDAG ALEDI C. MOMO 09298535561 (086)2115039 Momo Lotto Bldg., La Suerte Dagocdoc, Tandag City, Surigao Del Sur
SULTAN KUDARAT-TACURONG JENALYN SERMESE 09177912055 09088198365 3RD Floor,National Highway Poblacion,Tacurong City,Sultan Kudarat
TARLAC – TARLAC CITY JESUS TONGOL 09088838485 (045)491 2150 (045)493 4151 Unit F., 2nd Floor, Letecia Bldg. Juan Luna St. Tarlac City
ZAMBALES – Olongapo City SHIRLEY YAP 09328789295 09198418018 #9B Aguinaldo Street, New Asinan, Olongapo City, Zambales
ZAMBOANGA CITY JAIME JOAQUIN MONTOJO 0908 887 2768 0908 887 2778 0907 848 4022 0905 938 3022 (062)9913904 LB Supermarket, Foodcourt Veterans Extension, Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City
ZAMBOANGA – SIBUGAY JAIME JOAQUIN MONTOJO 09078484022 Magsaysay St., Ipil, Sibugay
ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE – Dipolog NITOCEL MAGALLANES 0908-886-6377 0928-524-9676 0920-948-0141 (065)908-0660 695 Malvar Extension, Estaka, Dipolog City (at the back of Zamboanga Del Norte Provincial Capitol)
ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE – Sindangan ELENITA RASONABLE 0999-546-5405 0908-887-2441 0907-612-6657 (065)224-2342 Ramon Magsaysay, Sindangan, Zamboanga Del Norte
ZAMBOANGA DEL SUR – Pagadian SERVILLANO CENIZA 09088866358 09294066172 09392642494 09162873406 (062)2158040 2nd Floor Barili Bldg., Rizal Avenue, Lumbia District, Pagadian City


Brunei Supreme Best Enterprise No 1-01, 1st floor, Block A, Yayasan Sultan Hj Hassanal Bolkiah, BSB BS8711, Brunei Darussalam Contact Person: Corazon Palanca Goh Mobile.: +673 881-8832, +673 895-1698, +673 872-2303, +673-223-3215



Singapore GOAL International 10 Anson Road # 46-09 International Plaza Singapore 07993 Contact Person: Nomer Meteoro Mobile.: +659 800-4514


Hawaii Dynamic Marketing U.S.A Corp. 94- 366 Pupupani St., Waipahu,

Hawaii 96797 Contact Person: Mr. Ian C. Guillermo +808- 841.3401 / +808-636.3016



Taiwan Global Wellness International No. 59, 2/Floor Jian Guo Road Chungli City, Taoyuan Hsien Taiwan, Republic of China 32041 Contact Person: Ms. Jocelyn Tan (03) 4270561 / 0930.547519 / 0989.292450


UAE Pro Health Food Trading, L.L.C. Bushaqar Building, Room 104 near GGICO Metro Station Garhoud Area, Dubai, UAE Contact Person: Mr. Philip De Ramos +97 155 153 1477


NIGERIA AIM Global Nigeria Ltd

Buffalo House, 2 Allen-Opebi, (by Allen-Opebi Roundabout) Ikeja, Lagos



HONG KONG AIM Global Trading Ltd Room 1503 15F Yue Shing Commercial Bldg. No. 15 Queen Victoria St. Central Hong Kong Contact Person: Ms. Rose Almario +852.24127238 and +852.547.99803